Hi, I’m Rod Bucton. 
I’ve helped many people take control of their Type 2 Diabetes
by eating proper human foods, while exercising much less.

All of my private clients lose weight, develop a new healthy lifestyle
they can live for life. Many also experience an improvement in their
complexion, skin conditions and finally feel well again.

The health of many of my private clients also improves
to allow their GP to de-prescribed medication.

There are two ways I can help you transform your health.

Control Your Prediabetes
and Type 2 Diabetes Easily Without Feeling Stressed and Anxious 

    Here’s what clients say about Rod and SportsAdventure Health Coaching   

Adam, (age 34) Port Macquarie NSW

“I felt age was getting to me and the lifestyle of an office worker and Dad of three was leaving me overweight, constantly tired and unfit.I had tried running on a regular basis and clocked up more than 600kms on my running app

After meeting with Rod….
It seemed like the program wasn’t just aimed at exercise and was more focussed at a style of living that made a lot of sense.
I have lost more than 10kgs,
I feel a lot more alive. Brain Fog has disappeared,
My heart rate during exercise is a lot lower than it used to be Im not as hungry all the time, the food I am eating supplies me with a steady flow of energy.I would recommend (Rod)  to anyone who feels they need to find a better lifestyle that allows weight loss and higher energy levels, perhaps they have tried pushing themselves at the Gym or on the path and it hasn’t produced long term results they are aiming at.”

Jenny (age 67), Port Macquarie NSW

Rod recently came to my rescue after battling with a weight problem for some time.  I found his approach knowledgeable, sympathetic, understanding, convenient and always encouraging.
The diet which I found very easy and suits me has now become a way of life.  There are a lot of foods which I previously denied myself which I can now have and enjoy without guilt.  There are many health benefits which I noticed also and it doesn’t focus on exercise, I never had any cravings or didn’t get hungry.  The only challenge is eating out but it can be done with the huge variety of food which you can have, it’s simply a matter of eating healthy.
If you’re struggling with weight and or health issues I’d encourage you to let Rod help you achieve your goals.  I’m nearly there and feel so much better in so many ways. 
I truely believe any diet will work if you stick to it but sticking to it after you’ve lost the weight is another matter whereas primal is.  No weighing, measuring, packaged meals with goodness knows what added, excessive exercise etc etc.



….Also I just wanted to provide some feedback on the coaching sessions / program. As you are aware I have tried many programs before and none of them have really allowed me to get to my desired goal, but I just have to say talking to you (or seeing you) has such a positive impact on my mental state and commitment to this program. Your constant encouragement and positive reinforcement is one of the main reasons this program excites me. Every time I speak to you I walk away feeling energised and as though I can make this work.  The weekly sessions are such a great tool and measure for progress in a non-judgemental way. That weekly session is the biggest difference to all other comparable programs and having access to the coach in such a direct way is such an amazing tool for the clients to have access to. Again just wanted to thank you for persevering with me!

Ben (Age 19)
Port Macquarie

tarting day one with rod I had no clue what I was getting myself into but after my first session I loved what it was about and how positive and interesting it sounded, 

I went from eating fast food every day and having the biggest sweet tooth (Which I do get still) but I have the self-control now to stop that from happening. 

It has been 12 weeks since I have started and I have lost weight I am feeling healthy and happy about myself from where I have come from, the program was amazing and I would do it again and I would suggest to lots of people just to give it a go because I know they will love the outcome and end results, and I will continue to use the information I have learnt and the motivation I have now with everyday life, I feel emotionally better, physically better and mentally better with life. 

Thank you,

Jenny & Allan (Aged 75)
Port Macquarie

“Rod was so helpful, encouraging and very genuine. The information folder is absolutely great & covers all aspects of the program and and a great reference to keep us on track. Shopping list and recipes have gone a long way to success.” 

Name, Title

“I was very skeptical when I started. I’ve been a calorie and fat counter for most of my life and to think I can eat all this and not gain weight is unbelievable. I’m so happy now that I can actually eat food and don’t feel guilty”

“……I found very easy and suits me and has now become a way of life.”


About Rod

I used to be one of those mad health nuts, balancing all the 5 “healthy” food groups and over exercising like crazy, all while soaking up all the latest “get fit quick” tips in the latest fitness magazines. That is, when I wasn’t working my regular 60+ hour week.

I was fit and healthy and that I had it all down pat….well so I thought.

But that all came crashing down when I fell chronically ill with a
mystery disease that even dozens of doctors and specialists could not diagnose.

It felt like hangover and went on for years.

At this time my family and I our own research and uncovered a few hidden truths.

Sure I was carrying an extra “muffin top” around my waist, but that all comes with being a middle aged bloke…right. But a few more tests showed I was carrying a huge amount of internal visceral fat and was borderline obese!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! How could it be!

For years my daily routine was to get up before sunrise, ride or run for hours on end, no matter how I felt and in rain hail or shine. I just had to stick with the plan to get fit and burn those calories and feast on my “healthy” low fat high carb diet.

But a few years on, after recovering from the mystery disease with a new knowledge of real human food and lifestyle that challenges conventional wisdom has changed all that in a massive way.

Living this lifestyle I am leaner, fitter, stronger than I have ever been in my life – eating more fat and exercising less. I have endless energy. I wake feeling refreshed. Love live.

Now I privately coach my clients how to live this way as well to control pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

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Roddo’s Rules

A change in nutrition from the standard Australian diet to proper human food brings with it so many incredible changes.

A common complaint I hear from many of my clients is


“But what do I eat?”


Roddo’s Rules cookbook is a compilation of many of my family’s favourite recipes to help get you on the right track and to show you good proper food doesn’t have to be bland, tasteless and boring.


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